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What is the problem we solve?

Stay informed

Even very busy managers want to stay informed about the health and feelings of their lonely seniors or their seniors placed in retirement centers.

Best if they can be informed instantly, and even better if they can receive an alert in case something happens. But wait. Can they really get informed about granny’s emotions?

Would you like to get ELDY check for your senior as well?

Download a report about seniors placed in EU`s retirement centers

How our instant monitoring of health and feelings for seniors works?

Ordinary solution with extraordinary approach


Our AI monitors basic health functions through a smartwatch or smart wrist belt. We also collect information about emotions throughout the emotions tablet. Then we evaluate heartbeat, fall detection, GPS data, and many others parameters.

Social Care

IIOT Data are secured, stored, and evaluated locally at retirement centers. This way retirement center personnel can see the status of each and every pensioner in real-time and provide immediately better care and service.

Informed family

Through our mobile app, proactive reports, emergency alerts, and smart notifications we can inform family members not just about health status but also about the feelings of their elders.

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Our ultimate goal is to help 1.000.000 seniors placed in retirement centers or staying lonely to reconnect with their families and friends. Our mission is to create a set of tools, apps, gadgets, and communities around the globe. We believe if we can evaluate hard data, shoot preemptive alerts, and share seniors’ emotions and feelings, the lives of our elders may become longer and better.

Our next step

Create an AI prototype analyzing heartbeat, fall detection, and GPS data to be able to shoot health alerts.

What we offer for retirement centers?

Let`s make life of seniors and their families better together

Flat rate fee

First 1000 retirement centers will be provided by our solution for every pensioner and 5 of his family members for a flat rate only.

Earn more money

Retirement centers can provide better services than their competitors and with us they can sell extra bonus premium package for their customers.

Modern center

Move your retirement center in to 21st century and appaly scientifically proven technologies in to daily routine of your operations

Medical Care

Provide beter and faster mediacal care by implementing of our real time data monitoring, alerts and notifications into your daily routine.

Make it as a gift

If you buy seniors the smart devices, and provide our service for free, we will not charge you any fee and will provide you our system pro bonno.

Bonus info

Family members are interested about the food of their seniors. Use our app to share information about menu for their seniors.

Our iterative development plan

Our mission is to deliver added value through following features

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Monitored Seniors
Informed family members
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Montlhly revenue rates
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